Caring for Each Other

Need some help with groceries?

The Irving Park food pantry at 4256 North Ridgeway has an incredible amount of food every week.
They have dairy, eggs, meat, lentils, and more.

Intergenerational Pals

This year, we would like to start an Ebenezer Pal program, where an Ebenezer member or household is partnered with another member or household of a different generation.  These pals will connect with one another at least 1-2 times a month over Facetime, Zoom, phone, or through cards/letters to get to know one another and encourage each other.  
During their time together, they might: check in with each other, share a craft, piece of artwork, poem, musical piece, something they’ve learned, an encounter they’ve had with God, or reflect on a worship service together, etc. 
If you, your kids, or your household would like to become an Ebenezer Pal, please contact Pastor Emily. (People of ages are invited to participate!)

Refugee and Tutoring Support Needed

Many of our refugee and tutoring families have extra needs during the covid-19 pandemic. If you are in a position to assist, please consider helping in one of the following ways: 

  • Financial support for groceries or other needed items during this time. Visit and click “Give Online.” 100% of funds entered in the “Other” line and labeled “Refugee Support” will assist our refugee families.
  • Helping adults fill out Medicaid, unemployment and job applications over the phone.
  • Tutor youth and children virtually.

Face Masks

We want to say a huge thank you to Sue Swinger-Ellbogen, Jackie Wood, and Bev Albert for making face masks for several of our community members who need them!  This week Ebenezer Tutoring Director Norm Dynneson was able to deliver 38 of these face masks to Ebenezer’s refugee families and in the next few days, Pastor Emily will be able to deliver over 25 masks to youth group members and their families.  

The CDC guidance states that cloth masks are recommended when going out on necessary trips like to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to work. Click here for more information on the CDC’s recommendations for wearing, and making homemade masks.

If you need a mask, contact Pastor Emily with the number of masks and the sizes needed (adult or child).

The flu vaccine is here and ready to protect you!

Medical experts say that it is especially important to get the flu shot this year because if someone gets the flu virus and the coronavirus this could result in an extremely severe respiratory illness.

If you are not insured or have questions contact the parish nurse, Marcia Smith.

We celebrate that a generous donation has now been made to support a struggling family with rent for the next several months! 

If you are able to offer support in any of these ways, contact Norm Dynesson.

Moments from Spring 2020