Capital Campaign


About the Campaign

The buildings at 1650 W. Foster are a home and a haven to many. They are home to many kinds of Christian worship, arts performances and rehearsals, support groups, sports teams, community building, and celebrations of rich cultural traditions.  Visit Ebenezer any day or night of the week and you will see how much it matters to our community to have a reliable, sturdy, clean and safe space.

Every day the Grace of the Holy Spirit is seen and felt in the rooms, the hallways and the outdoor spaces of Ebenezer.  Clearly, the Spirit is using Ebenezer’s buildings and grounds as places for each of us to minister in the name of Jesus.

The Lord’s mercies are new every morning – but the brick and mortar, windows and walls of these buildings wear over time. Through the “Caring for the Home Where All Find Caring” campaign we ensure that the buildings are sturdy, safe, welcoming and that the structure is part of the sacred experience.

Caring for the Home Capital Campaign Projects

This campaign is different from others.  We aren’t raising funds so that we can sock it away – we’re raising funds so that we can spend them on important, necessary work. As we reach a milestone – we start a project and when it is finished, we start working toward the next one right away.

  • Tuckpointing around the building – especially the chimney above the boiler room (goal – Summer 2015) – $120,000   Project Complete!
  • Stained Glass Windows – revitalization of the artistic stained glass windows in the sanctuary (goal – Summer 2016) – $120,000
  • Sanctuary Revitalization – includes repair of damaged plaster, improved lighting, fresh paint (goal – Spring 2017) – $10,000
  • Accessibility renovations to the Community House (goal – 2017) – $50,000
  • Community House roof replacement (goal – Spring 2018) – $50,000

(Of course, these goal dates are subject to change based on need and urgency and these costs are estimates as of Winter 2015.)

Your Gift, Your Support

We have an audacious goal for this campaign, and many of our faithful have donated or pledged financial support over the coming years of the campaign.  Will you join us?

If each household of the Ebenezer community could give the same amount, it would take a monthly contribution of $54.00 for the three years of the campaign (or $650 annually) to reach our financial goals and complete these projects.  Some of us can give more than this and some of us cannot give this much.

Please prayerfully consider what God has laid on your heart as a commitment to caring for our home.  If you have any questions or would like more information, talk with Jessica Daniels or Pastor Michael.

We hope that you will give with a joyful heart.

Matching Gifts

Does your employer offer to match your charitable contributions? Many organizations will match contributions that support religious organizations as long as the match is used for non-religious purposes (that is, infrastructure – the whole theme of this campaign!).

Check with your employer’s human resources team to learn what they require in order to match your gift to Ebenezer’s capital campaign. Find out what you need to send your employer and Nathan Tolzmann will supply you with the proper documentation. Please see Patrick Donnelly with questions or for more information about how to find out if your employer will match your contributions.

Additional Information

Below is a brochure with a pledge card for the “Caring for the Home Where All Find Caring” Capital Campaign. Additional brochures with pledge cards are available.

All gifts to the Ebenezer Capital Campaign are 100% tax deductible.
All gifts given to the campaign will be used to improve and restore the building, and to improve the lives of all in the community who make use of our facilities.

Click here for the campaign brochure and pledge card.