Windy City Performing Arts ConcertEbenezer has a number of spaces that are available to the community for concerts, events, and meetings of many sizes, from an intimate group setting to large lectures, concerts, dancing, sports, and theatre. Spaces are available for one-time and on-going use. Use of the space is granted based on a number of criteria, schedule availability, and suitability. Please contact our building coordinator for more information at building@ebenezerchurch.org.

Building Feedback

Members and guests of the Ebenezer community are encouraged to report cleaning and repair needs by filling out this form.

Our building features:

A beautiful, century-old Sanctuary with balcony (seating for up to 400)
An flat-floored Auditorium, suitable for dancing, dinners, concerts, theatre, films, and large meetings
IMG_0374A Dining Room with kitchen facilities
A Gymnasium suitable for dancing and floor sports
Meeting rooms of various sizes and amenities

Please see the links below for regular and one-time use guidelines and donation schedules for space sharing:

One-time Building Use

Regular Building Use

Frequently Asked Questions – Ebenezer Use of Space

What kind of groups use spaces at Ebenezer?

Indoor soccer clubs, opera companies, 12-step groups, book readings, podcast recordings, dance groups, musical instructors, community service organizations, choral groups, pals who play basketball, scout troops, religious gatherings, after-school tutoring, and more.  

More information about specific groups is linked here: http://ebenezerchurch.org/contactsandnews/partnersandcommunity/

What is the average cost for space rental?

Rates can range from $45-150 for a 2-hour rental depending on a few factors.

Rates for use of the space are determined based on which rooms are being used and what resources are available in those rooms (eg. kitchen, piano, sound system). In some cases, a fully refundable deposit may be required.

What kind of activities are permitted at Ebenezer?

In addition to the list above, Ebenezer aims to be an open and inclusive environment. If you have questions about whether your activity would be a good fit, just reach out to our building coordinator to discuss.

How do I request special set-up or furniture for the space I’m requesting?

When you submit the request form, you should indicate any requests like this. The building coordinator will review and follow-up before any agreement is finalized.

Something’s out of place or not what I expected when I arrived. What should I do?

Please submit all notifications of this type on our online form here: http://tiny.cc/EbenezerC3 This form is sent immediately to our staff and volunteer support.

If something is dangerous or unsafe, please use the contact information for our staff or go immediately to the office for assistance.

How do we access the space for our event?

This will be determined based on when and how frequently you’ll be using the space. For more information, please contact the building coordinator.