Learn & Serve

Ebenezer offers opportunities for learning, growth, and service for people of all ages. From one-time opportunities to those that can enrich a lifetime, you’ll find a place to connect more deeply with God and those around you.

Worship and Music Ministry. These groups work with the pastor to see that the Word and Sacraments are provided on Sundays and festivals and to fulfill many of the ways we commonly express ourselves during worship.

Groups and activities within this ministry area include:

Social Justice Ministry. The members who conduct this ministry advocate for justice within the church and society, educate and organize the congregation for action consistent with the mission of this congregation, and prioritize for the members of this congregation advocacy and service among the poor and oppressed.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

  • Justice team
  • Tutoring Program for school-age students
    • tutors – weekly on Thursday evenings during the school year.
    • meal makers – weekly on Thursday evenings during the school year, on a rotating sign-up.
  • Lutheran World Relief projects – often includes quilt making, schoolbag supplies gathering
  • Welcome and Support for Refugees ministry – Ebenezer accepts donations of items and funds to support families and individuals resettling in Chicago, particularly from Eritrea and Ethiopia. More information is available on their Facebook group.

Christian Education Ministry. This ministry is all about the education and faith formation of people of all ages including, but not limited to, adult education, confirmation, children’s education, and study of the scriptures.

Groups within this ministry area include:

  • Sunday School for school-age children – September through May
  • Adult Education hour – typically 11:15-12:15 September through May
  • Confirmation class
  • Baptism preparation and membership sessions
  • Bible Studies – Walk through the Bible, mid-week morning study

Ministry of Administration. The members who conduct this ministry ensure responsible stewardship of physical, financial, and human resources of the congregation including the development and review of budgets, the recording and storage of official reports and documents, the management of the endowment, the supervision, support, and review of personnel, and the care and maintenance of the physical plant.

Groups within this ministry area include:

Outreach Ministry. The members who conduct this ministry are responsible for the evangelism and community service functions of the congregation including its interaction with the neighborhood and its invitation to others to participate in the life of the congregation.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

  • Fall block-party organizers
  • Welcome team
  • God’s Work, Our Hands activities

Health, Wellness, and Care Ministry. These ministries provide for prayer for and spiritual growth of the entire body of Ebenezer, support for those experiencing celebrations and challenges, encouragement of community health and wellness, and coordination of parish celebrations and special events.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

  • Parish Nurse ministry
  • Prayer team
  • Esprit – mental health awareness and support ministry

Youth Ministry. The members and staff who conduct this ministry establish, coordinate, and maintain a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of youth, those from this congregation and those from the neighboring community who are seeking a church home. They provide leadership and personal development programs for youth and encourage the full participation of youth in the life of the congregation.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

Ministry of Community Hospitality. The members and staff involved in this ministry ensure that the historic facilities provided by the hard work and investment of Ebenezer members past and present are offered to the Andersonville, Edgewater, North Side and greater Chicago community as a place where all are made to feel welcome. Learn more about spaces available for meetings and events here.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

  • Community Hospitality team
  • Partnership events with the Swedish American Museum – St. Lucia service (annually December 13), Julmassa service (annually, December)
  • Weekly playgroup for toddlers and pre-school-age children

Inreach Ministry. Inreach Ministry builds God’s welcoming, vibrant church. These ministries and programs nurture spiritual life and strive to develop caring bonds. Inreach Ministry may include many kinds of activities such as assisting members and friends of Ebenezer to communicate with one another, teaching us to pray for each other, developing empathy and interest in our fellow members, and extending concrete services such as meals and visits.

Groups and programs within this ministry area include:

  • Stewardship team
  • Small groups – meeting monthly or bi-monthly for discussion, reflexion, prayer and support
  • Seniors Luncheon – a monthly gathering/event
  • Annual spiritual retreat – typically held in the winter each year.
  • Pastoral care team
  • Yarn Yak – a monthly meeting of folks who work on yarn projects while chatting
  • Book Club – this group meets monthly to discuss and reflect
  • Crafty Lutherans – a group that gathers for DIY repairs and improvements around the Ebenezer campus.

If you have questions about any of these programs or ministries, or for contact information to get involved, please email council@ebenezerchurch.org.