Who We Are

God calls Ebenezer to be a Christian home for all who seek the sustaining nature of the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate faith and trust in God through the ministry of its people, and to let Christ’s model of service, justice and love give expression to how we share God’s gift with the world.
— Ebenezer’s Mission Statement 

Ebenezer is a Christian Church.
We believe in One God revealed in three sacred persons – the Holy Trinity. We believe Jesus Christ is God With Us. 

Ebenezer is a Lutheran church.
We are rooted in the Living Word, Jesus Christ revealed in the Holy Scripture; believe one Holy, catholic (meaning universal), and Apostolic Church; and affirm  the confessional heritage of the Lutheran Reformation. Because of God’s grace alone, though we are broken, we are free to love God, self, and all creation with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Ebenezer is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Metropolitan Chicago Synod.

Ebenezer is Reconciling in Christ.
We celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and families in all areas of the Ebenezer community. The “Reconciling in Christ” community of Lutheran churches celebrates that diversity publically, while calling the church at large to greater welcome.

Ebenezer is Intergenerational.
We pride ourselves on being a community that welcomes people of all ages, elders and babies and everyone in between. We welcome the presence and blessing of children in worship, including the noises they sometimes make! No matter what your age, you will find friends at Ebenezer.

Ebenezer is a place of the Word and Prayer.
Rooted in tradition and open to the world, worship at Ebenezer is grounded and global. We use the Revised Common Lectionary for our scripture readings each week, and prayers and propers found in the liturgies of Evangelical Lutheran Worship. These cycles and rhythms unite our praise with those across the globe. Our musical selections are drawn from a number of sources, both Lutheran and ecumenical.

Ebenezer is a place of Sacraments.
We celebrate Holy Communion weekly. Baptism generally preceeds communion, but please know you are welcome at the calling of the Spirit. Children are welcome to commune as soon as the parent(s) and pastor agree to begin that practice; this may occur as early as when a child can receive solid food. Instruction about communion is offered at least annually for children of any age.

Ebenezer is its People.
We believe that God calls us to use our God-given gifts to serve the people and world around us.