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Church Membership
Being a member of Ebenezer is not required for participation on our programs, liturgies, or to receive Holy Communion. Becoming a member, however, helps build connections within the community, allows you to vote at congregational meetings, and standardizes the means by which your gifts and offerings are received and recorded. New members are received four times per year. There are three ways to join Ebenezer:

Transfer: Members of ELCA congregations may simply transfer their membership, meet with the Pastor, and be received in worship.

Affirmation of Baptism: Those who have been baptized in another Christian tradition or are returning to church for the first time in a while are received by Affirmation of Baptism. 2-3 group sessions with the Pastor precede being received into membership in worship.

Baptism: Children and Adults who have not previously been baptized schedule individual preparation sessions with the Pastor and are then Baptized and received into membership simultaneously during a worship service.

Contact Pastor Michael Fick for more information.

Ebenezer is pleased to host weddings. Weddings for friends who are not formally connected to the congregation are welcome as space and staff are available. Please contact the office for more information about arrangements, schedules, and costs at Generally, the church requires that the Pastor and Director of Music conduct all liturgies at Ebenezer, utilizing the rites of the Church. Off-site ceremonies and other blessings may also be arranged subject to the Pastor’s availability. Couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are welcome to marry at Ebenezer.


_JT_2774 Lutherans believe that Baptism is a means of grace, indicating God’s presence in, with, and under a visible sign, in this case, water. Baptism (for children or adults alike) marks the individual as beloved of God and belonging to the Christian church. Baptisms are therefore a public act, conducted (except in rare circumstances) in the community of the church at worship. Generally, baptisms are scheduled at the following times:
The Easter Vigil (the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday) and
each second Sunday of the month (except during the season of Lent)

For more information about baptism, please contact the pastor.